Vol. 6, No. 2
November/December 2003


Saving The Beatles Catalog!
A look at the current state of Beatles CDs
available to the general public.

The Beatles Compact Disc Collections
Some of the best masters were used
for these box sets but few people know it!

Interview with Mastering Specialist
Steve Hoffman - www.stevehoffman.tv

A brief chat with David Schwartz -
founder of Concerned Consumers for the
Remastering of Beatles Recordings

A Review of the Concert for George movie/DVD
By Jennifer Englert


Belmo's Beatleg News
Reviews on bootlegs new and old
By Belmo

Can't Buy Me Love
By Russ Lease
Reports on auctions and sales of some of the rarest pieces of memorabilia in the world!

A Diary of Recent News and Events
By Peter Nash

ebay Beatles Top 20
By Mitch McGeary and Robert York

Paperback Writer
Reviews on books, videos and CDs